Like sitting on a chair.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Disappointment. This word. This emotion. Have you felt it before?
Obviously when one says this word it reflects a bad experience, something regretful… ah, regretful.. another word i don’t like.

Ok, i apologize for starting this post so negatively…

But let’s just ‘analyze’ this for a bit… What is disappointment? Why do we feel disappointed? Is there a way to avoid disappointment?

If i attempted answering all these questions it would be a looong post.. so i’ll just say…

There’s only so much us humans can do. Which isn’t a lot…
Because we’re weak, but we’re not completely weak.
We don’t know a lot of things, but we’re not completely clueless.
We get tired but we can always ask for strength from the One who never gets tired and never sleeps.
We get lost sometimes but we can always ask for guidance from the One who knows all.
We are not in control of our lives, but we can always ask for help from the One who is.
We don’t always know the end result of things, but that’s why Allah considers the effort more important.
In the end we depend completely on Allah. And that is definitely the best thing to do. So when you’re dependent on Allah, the Ultimate-Supreme-of-Absolutely-Everything… why would there be anything to be disappointed about? So trust Allah.. even more than the trust you have for a chair that it will support you as you land all your weight on it. Surely Allah knows best…


pic found on this lovely website


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